Our Services

Services for Insurers

  • Administering tailored health insurance plan and programs with their benefits and exclusions.
  • Maintaining census of enrolled employees and their dependents and also updating the census, with an addition or deletion of enrollment.
  • Arrange treatment and utilization report, at any point of time. In addition to these, for our clients, we also offer the following services – providing a comprehensive healthcare provider network for complete treatment services.
  • By coordinating, managing and close monitoring of the member’s treatment, we combine cost management and disease management in an effective way. We also provide nursing care for the needy.
  • As a part of our services we will arrange doctors for the company camp clinics.

Services for Members

  • Members can gather information about in panel providers and doctors, general information about diseases, medicines, investigations etc.
  • Members can have specific information about their benefits, exclusions and claim status etc., if access is permitted by the insurer /employer.
  • Members can contact our customer service at 24 Hour Helpline. For any type of information regarding our services, including fixing appointments, identifying appropriate specialist, locating nearest provider etc. However any complaint, advice or suggestion regarding our services, is always welcome and we would make sure that your opinions will enable us to evaluate our service and to rectify or improve the current level of service.