A) Claims Management
Claims Management is very essential service rendered by any TPA. Fortune TPA Healthcare LLC provides an entire claims management solution. We focus majorly on managing the claims, with optimum utilization of resources. During this claim processing, all the information is captured from first to last which includes diagnosis report, procedures, coding, billing report, etc. This in return enables a detailed report. We use Smart Health software for this whole process.

Client based services on Claim processing.
Real time online platform
Smart Health software for claim and approvals processing
B) Preapproval Services
Now a day’s preapproval services is required in most of the medical treatments. For this, we need to see whether these services are required or not. So here our experienced Approvals’ team plays an important role wherein they scrutinize all the required documents, and determine an effective treatment for the same. Our goal is to provide quick pre-approvals within a time limit of 3 minutes. In addition to that, our claims management software ensures error free work.

C) Data Management
Data Management is very essential in today’s competitive business world. Effective data management is required in every part of the process. We ensure accurate and effective data management services. We have advanced data security tools which effectively manages the data.

D) Live Support
We provide nonstop service to our clients, working 24/7 days a week answering different queries relating to medical policies, claims, approvals, payments and benefits in multi languages. We provide a rapid and cordial response, to our clients. We do frequent follow ups and case analysis too.