Board of Managing Directors

Mr. Mohammed Anwar

Having background of account and finance, with more than 20 years’ experience in UAE joined hands in Fortune. In Fortune, he takes care of Finance & Accounts, Admin and Human Resources.

Mr. Ahmed Abbas

Started as a business entrepreneur, his passion towards servicing poor and proper treatment for needy persons made him a spark to join hand with Mr. Anil Kumar for blossoming this organization. In Fortune, he takes care of Public Relations, IT and Designing.

Mr. Anil Kumar

Started as a sales associate and carries a 25-year experience in various fields. He has wide-experience in handling HMO and also catering blue-collared employees benefits. He has a passion towards administering and helping Insurance companies to attain profit by managing the claims on a cost-effective and with minimal complaints. In Fortune, he takes care of overall management and business development.